Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life of Pie

Since I know many of you have a keen interest in pubs and food, I took the liberty of capturing the menu from yesterday's adventure in that Marstons pub. What it doesn't show is the two meals for £7 option which I belatedly now realise was not intended for one person. Still it was probably only as expensive as fish and chips nowadays with the added problem that I firmly believe that proper chips can only be found in either the Black Country or Yorkshire.

Completely unconnected with yesterday's gluttony, should I get the chance, I'll be watching "Life of Pi" this evening. Although not my genre, friends have told me it is rather good so I'll stick it out just so long as the characters don't start bursting into song.

Down south the IslamoMarxists continue with their campaign of low level terrorism against nationalist candidates. Since we are now suddenly allowed to talk about immigration and foreign aid, people are going to think it strange that one of these does not accompany every UKIP candidate. It's going to make the supportive role that these groups provide to the Labour Party even more obvious. What a message though, "Hope", after decades of enforced multiculturalism is that really the best they can offer? Hope for what exactly?