Friday, 1 March 2013

Electorate enters "Forbidden Zone" - Dust Settling on a new political landscape

Deep in thought over the implications of that UKIP vote in Eastleigh yesterday. Several possibilities are now to be considered including a fully-blown split in the Conservative Party. If the dynamics have not changed by the next election there is every possibility of several Conservatives MPs defecting for the price of a UKIP ticket.

There's also something else that may well transpire which none of the political pundits have picked up upon yet. With the right handling the next general election, scheduled for 2015, can actually be transformed into an instantaneous referendum on our continued EU membership. Those who have let the UKIP genie out of the bottle as a means of facilitating a Labour win might get a little more than they bargained for.

Meanwhile as Nick Robinson pointed out on the BBC Six O'Clock News that this "protest vote" was much about immigration you realise just how much control the media has over the collective thought process of our people. Admittedly, it is in decline, but the fact that they are only brave enough to vote in their own self interest if they are told it is OK to do so is utterly pathetic. You know that, I know that and I suspect that that somewhere beneath those woollen fleeces they realise as well.

Decent bit of coverage up in the local Skegness newspaper this evening concerning our forthcoming animal rights campaign . By the way, I did get some more wine, the grapes have been humanely slaughtered and coming all the way from Chile, with any luck, I'll not be troubled by equine DNA