Friday, 15 March 2013

BNP's Marlene Guest -BBC Radio Sheffield this morning

Just listened to Marlene's interview on BBC Radio Sheffield with Toby Foster. Perhaps the most striking aspect was the difference between Mr Foster's gentle questioning of a local Muslim spokesman and the aggressive interrogation of Marlene.Not once was the Islamic representative asked to explain or justify any facet of negativeness pertaining to his religion and its impact on the rest of us. However,it was almost as if Marlene was on trial as she was accused of being a racist almost a dozen times culminating in an insinuation that she was a closet mass-exterminationist.

I don't actually mind the bias and condescending bullying of a 70 year old woman with obviously well meaning intentions in the circumstances. People are now aware of the growing gulf between the establishment line and reality and this morning will have only reinforced that.