Saturday, 16 March 2013

BNP accused of exploiting LED light bulbs

Reading this report I hope, like myself, you will be prompted to ask the following questions.

1. Why do animal rights groups not criticise ritual slaughter?
2. Why do newspapers see fit to publish political commentary from spurious and irrelevant groups who never seek a democratic mandate by contesting elections themselves?
3. Why do reporters never question the political alignment and who funds these groups and continue to deceive their readership?
4. Why do newspapers not solicit comments from other democratically represented political parties when running stories on the BNP?
5. If Nationalists were to set up satellite groups like for instance Unite Against Paedophiles and Hope not Communism would newspapers be so ready to publish their criticisms of the Labour Party?

These anomalies used to annoy me, now I just watch the press routinely discredit themselves as they undignifiedly scratch around for business. Once you point this out to people the pattern seems so obvious.

Had to turn the rugby off mid way through the second half, it was simply too painful to watch. I suspect the Welsh will forgive my sporting bad manners as they'll have other things on their mind at the moment. I am however very pleased indeed with my new LED light bulbs that arrived today and are now running at a combined 18W instead of 150W. The best thing about them though is the bright natural light they give off as opposed to that previous dim and artificial yellow glow.