Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday Triple Matinee

Saturday arrives with a massive programme of sport and betting opportunities to amuse us all. England have already thumped the Kiwis in Auckland so I've just got to insure against the unimaginable misery of a France and Sunderland victory. Once that is in place, I can factor in the 11,000 Eastleigh postal votes on the likely effect on turnout before making a decision on whether to invest in that market.

Cold weather is good for birding so in the course of the day I'll probably notch up about thirty species. I'd be surprised if there are any gay penguins amongst my haul but you never know nowadays. The last time I saw penguins in the wild was at Phillip Island just south of Melbourne and I'm pleased to report there was no consequent outbreak of homophobic bullying to my knowledge.

Mr Farage is in a bit of bother today as UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen takes the increasingly well beaten track to the Conservatives. I know very little about the woman other than dealing with some of the amendments she put forward, the vast majority of which were not unreasonable.

If you fancy a bit of a laugh to accompany your serious helping of politics this morning you might want to view these three videos in sequence. I'm almost sure I don't have it explain the topical theme, but there again all kinds of people come a calling to this blog.