Thursday, 7 February 2013

Protests Planned By BNP over Oswestry Trojan Horse

Tune in tomorrow morning and I'll let you know when that national BBC slot is coming up. Meanwhile there's another local mention for us concerning the Islamification of Oswetsry in the Shropshire Star.

For a newspaper totally obsessed by the doctrines of multiculturalism it's surprising just how few black journalists the Guardian has contributing to it. Hugh Muir is one rare example although with his routine monotonous, condescending style he's a bit of a one-trick pony. In wondering  how much they pay him my curiosity is stirred by his contribution this morning. If he could offer us this every day I might throw some coins in his pot myself.

Terrible news from Doncaster, where Mayor Peter Davies, hailed by the Daily Mail as the "un-PC supermayor", has become estranged from his erstwhile cheerleaders. He was elected in 2010 as the leftie-slaying beacon for the rightwing English Democrats party. That light is now extinguished. Davies says he has cut his ties because the party is becoming infested with refuseniks from the BNP. "All seemed to be well until about 18 months ago, when it became clear that more members of the BNP were being hoovered up by the party leadership," he told the BBC. "It seemed odd to say the least, and to me personally, unacceptable." Predictably this hasn't gone down well with those whose coat tails he rode to prominence. "It's always been something of a roller-coaster ride with Peter and his regular gaffes (including his notorious suggestion that the Taliban could teach English people a thing or two about family values)," laments ED chair Robin Tilbrook. "But as Peter has got older he has become ever more inclined to speak without thinking first, let alone doing any research as to whether his facts are correct." Some of us have been making that point for three long years.

Meanwhile the Edinburgh Reporter provides us with this little gem concerning the Nature Boys:

Headliners The Nature Boys throw the third dimension into this gig, with their young-at-heart, seasoned-pro-dynamism helping to set the Electric Circus further ablaze. The excellent ‘Two Lovers’ is a sultry post-punk number, building up with verving guitar lines before Cammy Shiels’ excitable serenade of a chorus. ‘F*ck The BNP’ sounds as sincere as it should whilst ‘Rock On’ is a perfect cocktail of gritty, grinding drums and Mark Cooper’s evergreen solos. Highlight of the set is the doom-ridden ‘Valhalla’, which is powered by the kind of bass line that could crack walnuts. Sounding as otherworldly as the home of the Gods, the song squeezes every ounce of energy from the amps and crowd.

I've heard they are playing the Oswestry Muslim Centre soon, but for those who simply cannot wait: