Friday, 1 February 2013

Police Investigating Stourbridge Labour Party Official who threatened to kill BNP candidate if he contests another election

News reaches me this morning of a shocking incident of Labour thuggery during the count of the Wollaston and Stourbridge by-election last night. As the Labour candidate launched into a bizarre speech about extremism and fascism a Labour Party official simultaneously approached the BNP's candidate Ken Griffiths and threatened to kill him if he ever stood in Stourbridge again.

The incident was seen and heard by other candidates who, along with the returning officer recommended that Ken put in a complaint to the police. An official complaint has now lodged with West Midlands Police and Ken will be giving them a further statement later on today. The Stourbridge News were also present to hear what was clearly a breach of Section 16 of the Offences Against The Persons Act. A serious offence on its own let alone the aggravating circumstances of being aimed at a political opponent during an official count.