Friday, 1 February 2013

Police Investigate BNP Complaint - Net Closing on Labour Party Death Threat Thug

I've known Ken Griffiths for a long time, he is a friend of mine and very well-liked throughout the area. Not the tallest of chaps and in his fifties, he has spent his life grafting in the steel industry in the black country. As a consequence, and I've seen this amongst many Black Countrymen who have worked in heavy industry, he has developed considerable upper body strength.

Anybody who knows Ken will tell you the same, he's absolutely dead straight, honest and a true gentleman. It doesn't surprise me at all that he turned the other cheek and that Labour Party bully ought to be thankful that he did. I'm also very proud of the other Black Country branch members who didn't rise to the bait. It's now up to the police to sort this out.

Nick will be on the Sunday Politics on Sunday between 11:00 and 12:25 on BBC1 in the North West. That's if they don't decide to pull it although they've not been too bad up there over the last couple of years. The interview lasted some twenty minutes as Nick took on Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk and I'm told at times it got quite heated.

Managed to get around to watching Argo last night. Not a bad film at all if you take away the overbearing Hollywood propaganda. I was particularly distressed by the lies concerning the role of the British and New Zealand embassies. The Ben Affleck version tells us that the Brits and the Kiwis refused to help the hostages and it was left to the Canadians to shelter them. That is not the case however as the hostages were initially sheltered at the British embassy before being moved to the Canadian safehouse. New Zealand diplomats also took considerable risks of their own in helping the Americans escape to Switzerland.

Don't let that unfortunate inaccuracy put you off though, the soundtrack is worth it on its own -