Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Convicted Arsonist Plans Anti-BNP Firebreak

Take a look at this exchange from the House of Commons late yesterday morning as it appears that Mr Clegg is advocating some kind of closed shop. Simply replicating the status quo wasn't exactly on the menu as I remember. Surely the Lib Dem leader wouldn't be contemplating a contingency plan in the light of a future electoral wipeout?

David Hanson (Lab Delyn): In May 2010, there were 735 peers, whereas as of yesterday there were 810. The Deputy Prime Minister has just indicated that he still wishes to maintain the coalition agreement proposal to increase the number of peers to reflect the votes at the previous general election. How many more peers does he intend to appoint? Will that include United Kingdom Independence party peers and, potentially, even British National party peers, which I would certainly oppose?

The Deputy Prime Minister: As I have said before, we intend to do what the programme for government sets out; we will be making appointments with the objective of creating a second Chamber that reflects the share of the vote of the political parties represented in this House. But we had a proposal before us—we all know what happened—to make the House of Lords both smaller and more legitimate, and it did not make progress.