Tuesday, 12 February 2013

BNP slams church moral cowardice

Frank and straight coverage across large parts of Shropshire today as the ineptitude and moral cowardice of the Church of England is exposed by the BNP for all to see. You can also keep up with the latest developments concerning the colonisation of Oswestry here.

Meanwhile it looks as if I'll be doing another Patriots' Question Time event in the south of England soon and I'll let you know once it is finalised.

Amazing outbursts from William Hague and Chatham House today concerning North Korea. If the BNP had criticised a country and its people in such a fashion we would be denounced as racists and probably been arrested for incitement. The nauseatingly simplistic propaganda used to tell us who are the good guys and who are the bogeymen is insulting. Please give us a proper reason for hating the North Koreans and having the right to tell them what to do in their own country.