Monday, 4 February 2013

Astonishing Anti-BNP bias in Rochdale - "journalist" in need of emergency anger management therapy

Breathtaking bias at Rochdale Online as they offer this totally warped interpretation of the Sunday Politics debate. Notice how it is "Mr Danczuk" and "Griffin" as whoever put this appalling piece together doesn't even possess the professional finesse to properly conceal their bigotry.

This wouldn't be so bad in itself but publications such as this, trying to pass themselves off as impartial purveyors of community news, whilst surreptitiously spewing out Labour propaganda are directly responsible for issues like grooming. Having watched the debate, then read this, would anybody really trust Rochdale Online to tell us the real truth about grooming?

Meanwhile with reference to the Oswestry mosque story, this interview yesterday on BBC Radio Shropshire is quite revealing. Apparently the proposed mosque has rapidly morphed into a "multicultural centre", but the funding is yet to be put in place. What's more the money, it would seem, is coming in from foreign countries and I'm surprised that "attracting foreign investment to the area" wasn't initially pitched to the planning committee.

Spoke to Ken Griffiths this morning about Stourbridge Labour Party's desire to see him swimming with the fishes. Apparently the police have decided to take it very seriously and so I can say no more on the matter.

Nick has just this second been speaking in the European Parliament and I've got to go and grab his speech as it has really upset some liberals. No surprise there then.