Sunday, 20 January 2013

We're a soft touch - official

Making sure that the birds are well fed and watered whilst insuring I don't freeze to death in the process this morning. Collapsed into a massive, spiralling depression  myself whilst watching the football yesterday but thankfully the second half dragged me out of it. Was as right as rain when getting round to watching the special "Winterwatch" focus on the winter of 1963.

The Sun today has an interesting angle on the continued exploitation of the British people, with a powerful message from a Lithuanian girl telling us all what a soft touch we are. Of course if I had said that it wouldn't have been anywhere near as effective owing to the pre-conditioned mentality of most of the public, rejecting anything in our own self interest as "racist".

There's much that can be done in this direction and it also helps to spell out that it is not immigrants themselves who are to blame, but the traitor politicians and those that vote for them. I once did an interview for a Japanese film crew who, after the filming had ended, expressed total amazement and disgust that we allowed so much immigration into our country.

In keeping with the above, here's the latest little clip from Steve Squire in Turkey that was shot yesterday afternoon. He's meeting up with a few like-minded Turkish nationalists over there and should be telling us a lot more about it when he returns. As for me, I'm off out to spot some more waxwings.