Monday, 7 January 2013

Well this is how I feel, Nige,' and I say, 'That's great, you're not for us, go and join the BNP, cheerio.'

Kicking off Monday with a glance towards the financially stricken Guardian newspaper as it tries to cash in on the thoroughly artificial and sustained promotion of UKIP. Without going into too much detail I suppose we shouldn't mind too much, after all it does appear that the European Federalist swindle might soon be rumbled.

I predict the above with a degree of confidence knowing that after Rotherham and the BNP still very much in the game, nobody is going to seriously turn on UKIP any time fast. Time is indeed running out for Mr Cameron who faces almost certain electoral defeat unless he gives the British people a genuine say on the matter of our Continental enslavement. Mr Farage knows this of course and I suggest his harsh words in the Guardian might be accompanied by a cheeky wink through the leper's squint in our direction.

When a Ukip council election candidate made headlines by proposing compulsory abortion for every foetus with Down's syndrome, Farage admits "it was a bit of a shock", but is keen to point out that while he leads the party, he does not micromanage it. He is, however, proud of a unique condition he has imposed on membership; "We are the only UK political party that bars you from becoming a member, let alone an officer or candidate, if you have ever been involved with the BNP." Critics might say his is the only party that needs to. "No, we've seen defections from the BNP to Labour in the north of England, so I won't take that. People come to me and say, 'Well this is how I feel, Nige,' and I say, 'That's great, you're not for us, go and join the BNP, cheerio.' I think the message loud and clear is that if that's how you view humanity, we're not the right people for you. And I think it's working."

On a totally separate matter there are plenty of post-Christmas bargains to be had out there as this recession looks to be with us for years to come. In fact I predict that some very well know stores will be throwing in the towel rather soon.