Wednesday, 30 January 2013

To watch out for

Been speaking with Channel Five's The Wright Stuff today as they sounded out a BNP opinion on the Euro-funding row. Pity they didn't see fit to invite us on but at least they bothered to see where we stood. Whatever they broadcast will be on from 9.15 am tomorrow morning.

Whether Nick will be on LBC Radio later on remains a mystery. I've left it with him and until he gets back to me I've no idea whether we are good to go and at what time. What I can tell you is that he'll be on TV soon with regards a certain railway-related announcement earlier in the week. I'll point you all in the right direction nearer the time.

Still some 2.8lbs over my pre-Christmas weigh-in which I would like to have got shot of by now. However, the curse of the Golden Wonder has seen to that along with late night emergency chocolate biscuits. It's not easy when there's food around to tempt you in the evening, especially as my European work today has involved the CFP reform and stocks of cod, haddock, mackerel, pollock, plaice, sole.... chips, mushy peas.