Friday, 25 January 2013

The Co-op - The failing of a business modelled on animal cruelty, political-correctness and emotional parasitism

I feel sorry for the employees when shops close down, but this photo taken in the Co-op in the Shropshire town of Wem illustrates why I have little sympathy for this particular supermarket chain. Co-op are closing stores left, right and centre as their hugely inflated prices, due to their emphasis on "Fairtrade", are making them thoroughly uncompetitive.

Having tried to extract as much money as they can  from impoverished British pensioners and mothers with cleverly packaged emotional parasitism, the failing Co-op has overcooked it for the producers of the third world who now don't have a market at all. Incidentally, can you imagine African or Asian people being so gullible as to buy British goods at exorbitant prices in the interests of our well-being?

Neither will the chickens be shedding any tears for a company that so blatantly promotes such cruelty in such an insensitive manner. In fact the brazen nature of this labelling is almost certainly the result of a corporate  statement of liberal multicultural approval. As such they deserve to go under and all animal lovers and nationalists alike should play their part.