Saturday, 5 January 2013

Simon Heffer - are you watching?

Simon Heffer has a decent piece in the Daily Mail this morning from which I'm extracting the most relevant part. I suspect he penned this without any knowledge of Labour's proposed clampdown on unhealthy breakfasts which would have illustrated his article rather well.

As an eminent Cambridge professor who grew up in London’s East End just after the war once told me, the result was that the white working class went from being ‘the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth in two generations’. That tragedy was largely the fault of the State.

Similarly, the grandstanding on racial issues, first by Labour and then by the Tories, also dealt a terrible blow to the fortunes of the white working class.Rightly or wrongly, it was perceived that resources and energy were being poured into improving the lives of recent immigrants to Britain, while the State neglected the indigenous working class.

This has had a particularly toxic result, driving thousands of disaffected people into the arms of the British National Party. At least a few of the more enlightened Labour politicians — such as Jon Cruddas, who is planning his party’s next election campaign — have had the sense and the decency to admit how Labour betrayed what should have been its main constituency in this way.

After an intense day of politics yesterday I look forward to one of the most exiting days of the English football calendar. The third round of the FA Cup is upon us together with all of the heritage, glamour and spectacular betting opportunities. I feel the need for one of those almost impossible accumulators to make good my enormous Christmas bill.

Anyone not yet familiar with the latest Question Time For Patriots might want to take a look at this - straight talk from honest people. Maybe this has inspired Simon Heffer and I'm surprised the Metropolitan Police didn't break up the filming and arrest the participants for questioning authority in such a flagrant manner!