Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Poll, De Facto BNP TV debate ban opposed by 33% - 67% fearful of arrest for wrong answer

A couple of high-vis BNP volunteers clearing snow for the old folk of Spennymoor this morning. Their thoughts on Cameron's proposed European referendum in 2018 will probably echo mine in that the Conservatives are not going to win the next election and this is just a spurious pitch for votes.

Meanwhile Angus Reid has produced a very revealing poll concerning the public wish to see more free speech in the form of different politicians appearing in televised debates. Despite the fact that many would believe a positive response might involve instant dismissal, eviction or perhaps a prison sentence some 33% wanted to see Nick involved as you can see by clicking on the image  below.

As for me, my scientific bent requires that data is somewhat less theoretical than this, like the one and only time the BNP was allowed on Question Time and the audience jumped 300% to 8 million representing 50% of the audience share. That I'm afraid was the end of that though, with the powers that be not wanting to expose the electorate to any more sudden doses of the truth.

Looking at camcorders in my spare time I've decided against buying some of the non-branded offerings on eBay. Instead I'll stick to a quality name like Sony, Panasonic or Canon - when it comes to cameras, as the old saying goes - buy cheap, buy twice.