Saturday, 26 January 2013

Leicester Police - Strange Multicultural Inconsistencies

Couldn't get to the BNP organisers' conference in the East Midlands today but gather it is going rather well. From the same neck of the woods the Muslim News brings us an article with a rather interesting police anomaly.As it happens I don't blame individual Muslims or the Islamic community for being deliberately used to replace the indigenous community. That's not their fault, but the result of our own traitor politicians and the people that continue to vote for their own eradication then express surprise at the consequences.

Commenting on the incident, Superintendent Mark Newcombe, of Leicester Police, said: “The only people using the community centre were from a local Muslim group and it’s easy to draw the conclusion that the pig’s head was meant for them, and is the reason we believe this to be religiously-motivated.”

How many times have you heard the line about the proposed mosque or "Muslim community centre" being for all of the community? Perhaps at the next planning meeting for the Thurnby Lodge mosque Superintendent Mark Newcombe would be good enough to stand up and give evidence as to the real intended use based on his own experience. After all you can't have it both ways, that's called discrimination or perhaps, more accurately, dhimmitude.