Monday, 21 January 2013

Labour MEPs & MPs urged to stop telling lies on BNP funding

If the Huffington Post had come up with the grounbreaking idea of actually asking a BNP representative  what they thought of this latest attempt to vilify the party and its ideas then they would have obtained a very simple answer.

An answer, that was so simple and effective it would instantly ridicule those that wanted to attach themselves to this ridiculous petition against the electoral process itself. You see the pool of money for European funding such as this is finite, meaning that what we are likely to get comes out of the total allowance for the other political groups. Or to put it another way and perhaps explaining the situation better, the slug/human hybrid, Tom Watson MP and his Labour Party, have less money to spend on pies as we'll get it instead. It makes no difference at all to the taxpayer and the only losers are Labour and possibly Greggs.

The report does add that that certain democratic standards and ideals are needed to qualify for funding. How ironic it would be if Labour and its European group were consequently disqualified for their deceitful and naked contempt for the democratic process and intolerance of free speech.

Finally below you will see a very poor iPhone capture of the waxwings I spotted over the weekend. Attractive little birds and nowhere near as timid as the redwings who have accompanied them on their winter UK holiday.