Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Just the way it is.

Record wind gusts for the year reaching 35.6 mph yesterday evening coupled with average speeds of 24.4 mph. I'm still waiting for new software to be available enabling more accurate sampling of wind data, but that's probably not what you came here to find out.

Despite the rather unbecoming title, Daniel Hannan's piece for the Telegraph this morning makes many of the same points I have made myself since the BNP Euro funding row erupted. Quite rightly he draws our attention to the fact that, Today, it's the BNP. Tomorrow it might be UKIP. The day after, perhaps, the Conservatives. In fact having reached the end of what he has to say you are left with the distinct impression that the "fascism" he refers to has nothing to do with us at all.

Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer a more direct message here's Nick's excellent speech from the weekend in Coventry. Just over an hour of material you will not be allowed to hear anywhere else as the MEP for North West England tells it just the way it is.