Monday, 28 January 2013

Far Cry 4 to be set in London - I wish

With people moaning about the apparent racism of the truly excellent XBOX game Far Cry 3. What Culture magazine takes us back in time for a list of the top 100 video game baddies. Considering Charlie Jolson's pedigree, I'm surprised in this politically correct world, that he only made it in at number 98.

Meanwhile in the real world I recently saw the critically acclaimed East End gangster documentary by Nicola and Teena Collins entitled The End. I found it telling that none of the guys interviewed wanted to live in that part of London any more. In fact one described the area as "dead" although I would imagine there were plenty of other supplementary comments that were left on the cutting room floor.

Watching this film, as I recommend you do (and I'm not on commission) the one thing that will strike you is that all of those filmed maintained a remarkable cheery and philosophical disposition towards life. Considering the struggles and hardships of post war London and the side-effects of some heavy duty villainy,  that's not bad going and you have to admire their strength and fortitude if nothing else. Here's a taster if you're interested:

Swiss TV will be doing something with us this week with regards the big EU question. They seem to be doing OK well out of the whole mess and I would imagine that's where the producer will be hanging his or her hat.