Thursday, 10 January 2013

Britannicus Lobotomicus

The Daily Telegraph presents a rather awkward dilemma for the walking dead this morning spelling out the consequences of perpetually postponing the inevitable. A healthy society, faced with the prospect of its politics being either unaffordable or unsustainable would simply select to eat in another restaurant with a differing menu.

The problem arises when the masses have been so pre-conditioned by those in control that they are boxed into a corner as to thinking there is no viable alternative. Actually "boxed into a corner" is too kind a phrase and without contaminating your Thursday morning with the intricacies of neo-Darwinism I'd like to offer a little theory of my own.

Being someone who has long believed that in humans both physiological and psychological traits and characteristics should be employed in taxonomy, I strongly suspect a sizable proportion of the British public are on the verge of evolving into a new sub-species. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom these creatures, over the decades, have been mentally programmed to actually act against there own self-interest.Indeed many have been persuaded that they don't actually exist or matter at all.

You'll forgive me in the circumstances for not lending my own name, as is traditional for such discoveries,
to what we shall loosely refer to as  Britannicus Lobotomicus. A poor consolation though as we go about the business of destroying our green spaces and wildlife to assist the colonisation of our land by millions of foreigners, that there's a brand new type of alien amongst us. Probably best that we know though.