Friday, 18 January 2013

BNP Northern Ireland - “We are not racist but we have a right to be proud of our own race. Why not, everybody is?”

Decent little piece for our Stephen Moore in the Belfast News Letter this morning which, judging by the comments, seems to have instantly lured in some more of the walking dead. Pity they never printed my response, but that doesn't stop me from telling you all what they decided to leave out:

The decision to remove the flag was a catastrophic error of judgement. However, it has at least highlighted the end game of the covert and deceitful cultural Jihad in operation against the British people in Northern Ireland. Surreptitiously stripping,them piece by piece, of every aspect of their identity, culture and heritage then cynically trying to stigmatise, vilify and blame them for finding out simply isn't going to work.