Monday, 21 January 2013

Anti-white racism - now almost a new form of art

We start the week in Scotland where the headline in the Herald newspaper this morning says it all as the fight to deny white people the status of victimhood sinks to a new level of vindictive depravity. Just imagine if this was a black or Asian victim, do you honestly think that the coverage would adopt such a warped and distorted tone?

Would the police be putting pressure on a black victim's family to keep their mouths shut and reject the help of campaign groups? Would politicians be accusing black people of exploiting the situation for political advantage? Would dozens of white people be violently trying to disrupt the laying of a wreath in memory of an Asian victim? Would a newspaper engage in such spectacular contortions in order to isolate ethnic campaigners and demonise them in the community to the extent of coldly calculating the resultant cost of their struggle to the public purse?

Click on the image and see for yourself the extraordinary double standards on display in order to deny Scottish people a right to their own identity. Just replace a few words and marvel at the hate and bigotry that uses every trick in the book to pass itself off as a fight against racism and extremism. Anti-white psychic automatism almost crossing the barrier to a nauseating new form of art.