Tuesday, 8 January 2013

An alternative view

Going to investigate the latest batch of my bargain wine this evening trying a little number delivered to my door for well under £3 that cannot be obtained anywhere else for less than £10. My only concern about all of this bargain hunting is that very soon I might gravitate to a position to actually receive payment every time I fill my glass.

All of these people moaning about the capping and reduction of their benefits really ought to do us all a favour and keep their mouths shut. I'm so sick and tired of hearing them it's actually starting to put me off my food. They voted for this, will not dare say a thing about foreign aid, so deserve all the suffering that is coming their way until they start voting in their own national self-interest.

Meanwhile I thought you might like this truly alternative video from the other side of the Atlantic. Ironic really that you have to come to a blog like this to see such material, but this guy certainly isn't stupid and most certainly not a coward.