Monday, 31 December 2012

"Stay away, protesters tell BNP" - yawn

You could see this little piece in the Belfast Newsletter coming a mile off.. A democratically elected MEP on the mainland expresses his quite understandable support highlighting the outrageous treatment of the Loyalist community and he is accused of hijacking the protest! I would hope the vast majority of people will be able to see through this simplistic, divide-and-rule tactic with considerable ease.

THE British National Party has been warned to stay away from protests in support of the Union Flag being flown at Belfast City Hall.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has expressed support for flag protesters and there are fears that he will travel to Northern Ireland to take part in protests in support of the flag at Belfast City Hall.

Earlier this year, the BNP leader attended Ulster Covenant centenary celebrations at Stormont. Protesters have expressed a fear that the BNP will try and “hijack” the event.