Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Putting £2bn and £2bn together

Having finished off a complex and truly uninspiring study of the single supervisory mechanism to be debated next week in Strasbourg I thought I might go out for lunch. Finding one of my favourite country pubs I just about managed to finish off a truly wonderful steak, ale and mushroom pie complete with swede, carrots and peas. Together with a coffee that came to lees than £10 which was not unreasonable considering I'm probably risking physical injury should I try to eat again today.

Before that Nick had phoned from Doha explaining the latest developments in the newly found religion centred around an illogical fear of carbon. Other European MEPs are always polite, respectful and courteous to him though even if they are sometimes politically poles apart and it does him good to get away from the false and putrid political climate of the UK once in a while.

He tells me how impressed he is with the level of efficiency and functionality in Qatar, a fantastically wealthy country that can afford the very best of everything. Apparently it is not too hot there either at the moment contrasting with the -10*C some rural areas of the UK might be encountering tonight.

Following on from George Osborne's Autumn Statement announcing that the government is to squeeze another £2billion tax out of British families and pensioners I notice that the Telegraph simultaneously runs a story about Britain giving away exactly the same amount to help the third world go green. If our people really are either so dumb or so lacking in self respect they can't put two and two together they have no right to moan. That's exactly what they have been voting for and to be brutally honest Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem supporters should do the decent thing and either freeze or starve to death in silence.