Saturday, 1 December 2012

Good for the goose.

Now we are in December it feels as if I should start my Christmas preparations and that encounter with various beggars this morning was part of my reconnaissance shopping for the festive period. Consequently I have a Lidl Sunday dinner tomorrow, but neither Lidl and Aldi could tempt me with their £19.99 frozen goose. Having had duck the previous week I was reminded of just how little meat water fowl have compared to their land-based cousins.

Avoiding the various assaults on my wallet from AIDS, anti-bullying and African charity collectors, along with the proverbial army of Yvonne Ripley lookalikes begging on behalf of the Big Issue, my mind has turned back to Rotherham today on several occasions. Filtering out the machine-like processing of the feeble-minded, senile, benefits addicts and the Muslim power brokerage that constitutes the Labour vote, that still leaves several hundred unaccounted for. I have this theory that the Stockholm Syndrome is coming into play with some of these poor wretches. Whatever Labour seems to do them it actually reinforces the empathy and bond between some of the white community and those who have sold them into multiculturalism.

Lord Tebbit of Chingford has also had Rotherham on his mind telling those who follow his Telegraph blog:

Rotherham was, of course fought in particularly favourable circumstances for UKIP. The appalling allegation that UKIP supporters, being racists, were unfit to foster children was so outrageous and gave UKIP such publicity that they were bound to do well. All that was very awkward for the Tories, since Mr Cameron had similarly labelled UKIP supporters as closet racists, and they slumped down below the BNP and Respect.

Going to be cold tonight so I'm off to put some more logs on the fire.