Saturday, 29 December 2012

Far-left vacuum could trigger 'lone-wolf' attacks

Mystery this morning as to why all of a sudden the story of six-year-old Atiya Anjum-Wilkinson is major headline news. Why does this case merit the kind of preeminence that is currently being afforded it?

Switching to the Oswestry mosque story and further coverage in the Shropshire Star this morning as you can see below. Clicking on the image will transport you to the report whilst clicking on this link will take you to the Daily Mail's take on an controversial way to dispose of your Christmas Dinner leftovers.

Meanwhile I understand that with the forthcoming and spectacular demise of both the Independent and Guardian newspapers, the police are on high alert for a 7/7 style or lone-wolf terrorist attack by soon to be redundant journalists. Psychological profiling at the University of Teeside has revealed that the disgruntled anti-British extremists soon to be thrust into the real world could pose a major threat to white people in particular.

Experts have warned that the humiliation of joining the dole queues alongside migrant workers and asylum seekers coupled with a sharp drop in living standards could formulate a "tipping point". Already pre-loaded with an unhealthy and deep-seated hatred for their own community former journalists are to be monitored by police anti-terrorism teams. A senior police source stated that the early signs of anti-British hatred could be detected in widely inaccurate stories laced with copious amounts of wishful thinking.