Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Croc or Bison with all the trimmings

Although this photo is hopelessly out of focus it is still plain to see that yesterday I was afforded the opportunity of both bison and crocodile constituting part of my Christmas dinner. Although curious, somehow I don't think it would quite be the same, with the idea of rearing your own to save money being completely off the menu.

As it happens, I could buy ten Norfolk Black turkey chicks for the £66 a prepared bird would cost. The trouble is I would get too fond of them and in the end couldn't pull the trigger. As for a festive crocodile, the problem is that he may get rather too fond of me.

Saw the remake of The Sweeney last night starring Ray Winstone as Jack Regan. I'd first been made aware of this via Top Gear which featured a Jaguar-centric car chase through a caravan site. Nothing special, as it shamelessly borrows from Heat, Face and Get Carter and for some strange reason George Carter (Ben Drew) is given a black step-son. However, to hear the way Mr Drew speaks you might easily believe the child was his.