Friday, 16 November 2012

The overnight illegitimation of the police service

A strange mixture to my morning as I watch a live stream from Gaza and await the results of the Police Commissioner elections. The turnout looks appalling and this will be very damaging for the government. In fact it could seriously undermine the authority of the police as the public perceives the same rotten corruption, endemic within the political sphere, contaminating the service. The level of turnout we are looking at carries a serious risk of the overnight illegitimation every police force in the country.

In the Central Manchester by-election the turnout, at 18.16%, looks like the lowest for nearly seventy years. An indication that those in control have corrupted, perverted and stifled our democratic system to such an extent they have actually broken it. The public are actually so lacking in confidence in the politically-correct system and its total irrelevance in their day to day struggle to survive, that they simply don't bother.

I wonder just what proportion of that 18% turnout in Manchester was a result of Labour's organised postal vote harvesting scam. We'll find out later, but I suspect it will knock the total down to single figures. A fitting tribute to a society whereby any political deviance from the internationalist IslamoMarxist agenda warrants instant stigmatisation, vilification and the very real chance prison if you're good enough at it.