Friday, 30 November 2012

Playing with fire.

It is now confirmed that of the 21,320 votes cast in the Rotherham by-election, some 10,861 were of the postal variety. That's where Labour does it, milking the council-run care homes and sheltered housing whilst blocking access to other candidates. Of course there's the Muslim postal vote scam too; Alwyn Deacon reported from the count last night that with Respect and Labour workers he felt like he was on another continent.

However, UKIP took full advantage of the extraordinarily favourable climate, the media, both left and right, has created for them with the payback being we are now free to talk about immigration at last. That will cost the Establishment in the long run, but in effect the game has moved on considerably.

As we've seen from Bradford, Rotherham and a number of other constituencies across Britain, it isn't about immigration anymore, it's about Islamic colonisation. To spell it out,we are dealing with a Muslim take-over of Britain by ethno-religious, identity-based politics and that isn't just the fantasy of a "far-right BNP campaigner". Just look at Labour's take on it:

Little wonder, then, that the chatterers are talking down Labour’s chances. But they are wrong; Labour will, despite these not inconsiderable travails, hold Rotherham tomorrow.

There are two reasons to be cautiously optimistic. The first is that while Respect will undoubtedly hoover-up votes from within the town’s Muslim community there are not enough to win the election, barring a catastrophic fall in Labour support.

According to Rotherham’s joint strategic needs assessment, the main document for planning key public services, just 7.5 per cent of the town is made up of people from BME (‘Black Minority ethnic’) communities, with around 7,600 Pakistani Muslims. Given Respect’s appeal is narrowly-focused here, there should not be enough support to repeat the Bradford Spring.

Ironic really that whilst the local Rotherham newspaper was lambasting my "racism" for insisting that white children can be victims, the Party in control can openly talk about the racial manipulation of the rapidly-expanding perpetrator community with absolute impunity.

Wish I could have placed an each-way bet on Marlene. I had 500-1 with her at Ladbrokes and whilst I could have hedged the bet for a profit last night, I couldn't bring myself to do it. That made her laugh this morning as I also told her just how proud and appreciative all of us are of her splendid result.