Friday, 30 November 2012

F-15s, bird seed, Hamas and 2006 Rioja Gran Reserva

Forgot to mention that yesterday I saw no less than eight F-15s flying overhead most probably on their way back to Lakenheath. Being at quite an altitude it was difficult to tell which variant they were, but they sounded very impressive.

Must make sure I get plenty of wild bird seed and fat balls over the weekend as I suspect it is going to be a hard winter. The Telegragh was predicting temperatures plunging down to -20*C which would be rather dramatic. I've experienced temperatures like this in 1982 when I was so young and fit I decided to spend the nights camped on a beach fishing the North Sea. Not so sure I would be up to that now but I'll survive as will my resident garden birds.

That Rotherham result is interesting for a number of reasons but with regards any future pact between the Conservatives and UKIP, it would be rendered pretty useless without our participation. The powers that be will want to turn on UKIP when they have served their purpose, but with us still very much alive they cannot do so without a risk of boosting a genuine nationalist party. How very inconvenient and probably indicative of the desperate and failed attempt to clear us from the field.

I'll try and link to Nick's interview from LBC Radio this afternoon when they upload the podcast to their servers. In the meantime I cannot help but wonder if there is a starring role for Rotherham's Hamas candidate in any future British adaptation of the series Homeland.

A decent bottle of red for me tonight cunningly purchased from a leading supermarket and delivered to my door for the stunning price of £2.80, taking into account vouchers and cashback. In this weather, at this price, it's cheaper not to be sober and after all, after today, I'm in a good mood. By the way, happy St Andrew's Day to all my Scottish friends.