Saturday, 10 November 2012

eh by gum

Interesting this morning to assess the devastating collateral damage inflicted on the BBC from the latest turn in the child abuse scandal. The Tories will be hopping mad and quite rightly so and we can look forward to attempted counter strikes in the coming weeks which may well wipe the smug smile off the face of Labour's Nonce Finder General, Tom Watson MP.

Whilst our opponents squabble amongst themselves the public meanwhile will be revolted by the whole show with confidence and trust in the Establishment dissipating by the second. With a little extra help from our good selves next week they'll also be getting a further injection of reality with regards the kind of people they have elected.

On the subject of the Walking Dad, a genuine connection in yesterday's Guardian to the BNP and the highly entertaining US show. This is what Scouser David Morrissey, who plays the Governor in the latest series, had to say to the newspaper's Emine Saner

His is a career notable for its few missteps, but this means they're more conspicuous. He played the lead in Basic Instinct 2 opposite Sharon Stone, a film so bad that even when his friends bring it up, he says, they do it with the sort of hushed, disapproving tones "like they're saying, 'What about that time you were in the BNP?'" He laughs.

As for me I'm just waiting for the moment the two brothers Merle and Daryl are re-united which can't be too far away now. If you don't know what I'm on about check out the earlier series on blu-ray, you'll not be disappointed.

Neither will you be disappointed by two new British (Yorkshire) horror films. There's a serious amount of 1970s background research that's gone into Pontefract-based  When the Lights Go Out and for the products of what must be a truly disturbed but imaginative director's mind, Inbred, filmed in Thirsk, takes some beating. I've seen a lot of horror films, but never one like this.

Maybe the Establishment will have to deal with another Yorkshire horror story on November 29th; over to you Mr Galloway.