Thursday, 29 November 2012

Damned by their own words

No you are not suffering from tunnel or double vision this really is a story that was just published in the Rotherham Advertiser. I could expand at length at the newspaper's obvious annoyance about my scuppering of their prerequisite anti-BNP smear just before an election, but you see I don't have to, they've done it for me.

Ironic really that on the day the Leveson Inquiry is made public into grotesque abuse by the press, the editor of a local newspaper should publish what you will see below on the very day of a parliamentary by-election.

Advertiser editor Andrew Mosley said: “It’s a bit of a cheap and somewhat desperate shot, but then it wouldn’t be anything else.
“Their campaign has been blown out of the water by Respect and UKIP and, as usual, it’s the fault of the media.
“It’s also a complete lie that we allowed any, as he calls it, 'racial rape', to be carried out under our noses.”

Imagine a newspaper editor expressing such a biased. partisan and thoroughly unprofessional viewpoint concerning say the Conservatives or the Lib Dems. It would never happen would it, but these people have such a maniacal, illogical and Pavlovian need to undermine and criticise the Nationalist message or indeed the messenger, they simply don't notice what they are doing.

Our reporter didn't react angily and there was no 'major investigation'. Mr Darby was asked one simple question and couldn’t manage to answer it properly without losing his temper and, as is the case, lapsed straight into the sort of racist comment his party likes to deny it espouses.

Strange that whilst virtually everybody else, including the police, the BBC and Muslim groups themselves have now accepted that white children are being racially raped the local newspaper at the epicentre of the problem can't bring itself to admit it. Kind of highlights my take on how things have been allowed to get this bad in the first place. I rest my case.