Friday, 30 November 2012

BNP 3rd in Rotherham - more votes than Tories & LibDems combined

Listening to the BBC's Len Tingle describe the Rotherham by-election result you would not have thought the BNP had even contested the seat. Feeling utterly miserable I trudged to my computer this morning to find that we had come third getting more votes that the ruling Conservatives and LibDems put together. What utterly disgusting reporting.

Still that result, despite an enormous and deliberate squeeze on our vote has made me very happy indeed. I am really pleased for Marlene and shall ring her later on this morning to get the run down.

In another piece of good news, the police will not be taking any further action against Nick concerning his "gay tweets". Apparently the couple in question never felt threatened in the first place, but that hasn't stopped the police trying to go for a catch-all "Section 5". The CPS threw the file back in the face of Cambridgeshire Police, figuratively speaking that is.