Friday, 2 November 2012

BBC Rule Number One - never portray the BNP in a favourable light

You will notice that unlike other media outlets the BBC is refusing to acknowledge the British National Party's role in the demise of the crook MacShane in Rotherham. If you look on the disgraced MP's website he makes a reference to the BNP in each of the three separate statements he has made since being found out swindling the public purse. You can hardly miss it.

How very noble of the BBC, but that's not all. This morning having done a deal for a live interview with Nick from Blackpool on BBC 1 Breakfast tomorrow they ring back and tell us they don't have the resources. Instead they'll be running a set piece on our conference, no doubt with the routine saturation of negativity.

I have no doubt that with the Savile scandal looming in the background nobody at the BBC fancied their chances against an MEP they had recently conspired to put in prison for blowing the whistle on paedophilia. Instead they have taken the decision to attack us without giving us the chance to defend ourselves like the deceitful cowards that they are.

The BBC has been provided with this weekend's Blackpool agenda and every single motion so they have no excuse.  However, as I understand, as at 17:22 this evening, tomorrow's 07:30ish slot on BBC Radio Five is still on.