Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Abu Qatada to be Labour's Rotherham by-election candidate

Starting this morning in Essex where I recommend clicking on this newspaper report and examining the series of CCTV pictures taken on Remembrance Sunday. Surprisingly the paper gives a description of the people stealing the poppy collection, although it isn't really necessary.

Up in Scotland there's a bit of BNP-related shenanigans concerning the Orange Order. All very tedious but the cartoon character is quite amusing.

Meanwhile I understand the Labour Party is in a desperate race to beat tomorrow's deadline and install Abu Qatada as its candidate in the forthcoming by-election. His release later today will offer Labour a surprise opportunity to outflank Respect's Yvonne Ridley and attract the Muslim vote.

An extreme hatred of the white community is seen as Labour's key to success as they seek to emulate the formula of former MP Denis MacShane. MacShane's reign saw the decimation of local industry and the English population plunged into humiliating poverty. Apart from the flourishing trade in white children, Rotherham's economy has contracted sharply and corruption is rife.

With a biased, politically-correct  media still in place Labour strategists believe Qatada's nomination could offer the radical dream ticket to follow on from MacShane's more subtle anti-white racism. "The trick" reported one Labour insider, "is whether or not we can convince the white population that a vote for Qatada is the most effective method of blocking the BNP".

"That was Denis MacShane's real talent" a Labour source added, "working with the corrupt police, the media and civil service he managed to convince the English people that replacing them with Muslims was a fight against racism. They bought into it too, voting for him in their droves even as their kids were being sold as sex slaves and the system, including Denis himself, was robbing them blind."