Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Time To Think on a Grey Murky Day

As of late I've not been particularly impressed by the EDL's attempts to undermine the political stature of the British National Party. We already have one nationalist political party in Britain so why on earth do we need another one? Surely people are wise enough to catch on to the divide and conquer trick, the oldest one in the book.

However, as the Establishment again deems it necessary to throw Tommy Robinson in prison for some spurious and mysterious reason, I feel that once again I must offer some words in his defence. Although not approving of his methods one has to admit that the chap is no coward. Unlike the vast majority of the British public he is at least prepared to do something, though not to everyone's taste, in order to stop his country's slide towards an Islamic Republic.

Perhaps the recent arrests and jailings might make Tommy & Co realise that opposing the multi-faceted juggernaut bearing down upon us all is not that easy after all. To keep the show on the road, take on the State and win, takes a little bit of doing.How many times do you think we've thwarted attempts to get Nick and other BNP people,including me, banged up?

Having said that what kind of tin-pot, banana republic has this country become seeking to lock up, without charge, a young father over Christmas and then threaten to deport him to a foreign country? It would never have been allowed years ago, our people simply wouldn't stand for it. However, as we can now all see, if you successfully divide the opposition, governments can get away with anything they want.

So as Mr Robinson/Lennon remains in HMP Wandsworth as I type let at least some good come out of that lad's suffering. Every single one of us in the Nationalist movement, himself and myself included, should share the blame as to how we have allowed such a disgraceful situation to transpire. It's high time this total lack of discipline and egotistic poison that contaminates our cause is recognised and dealt with - it's not rocket science.