Saturday, 20 October 2012

Razorback & Chips

Marvellous place Cumbria, the local pubs serve food whereby, despite the enormous portions, you actually burn up more calories in the process of consuming them. What kind of magic is this, you drive up the M6, eat as much as you can, then get on the scales the next morning and record a substantial weight loss.

Of course there was huge publicity yesterday concerning the BNP's single-handed and abrupt halting of the relentless march of the PC bigots and their special interest agendas. I've listened to all kinds of reactions and phone-ins and get the distinct impression that the media seems to understand that a very profound point has been raised here.

Vilifying, ostracising and criminalising those who disagree with the relentless social deconstruction of our nation is one thing. It's just when somebody is brave enough to break through the barriers and tells the whole world just exactly what is going on, well then you've got problems.