Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm a jealous god and I want everything and I love you with a knife

The outpouring of hatred towards Nick from the walking dead following on from his defence of a Christian couple yesterday is almost unreal. It's important to analyse this thoroughly unrepresentative, illogical and unhealthy level of abhorrence if only for the undoubted mentally carcinogenic effect all that bad poison has on the proponents of PC hysteria themselves.

On the one hand, as I have said before, you've got a whole zombie army of useful idiots compelled to blatantly align themselves to and conform to projected societal parameters. This is perhaps most easily achieved by a collective outpouring of bile and malevolence to anyone threatening the mantras of diversity and neo-liberalism.

Especially when reinforced by others, this recantation satiates the pre-conditioned need for approval and conventionality and more importantly provides the instant endorphinic hit derived from what has become a bizarre kind of purification ceremony. Rather like Islam, the gods of political correctness require submission and, it would seem, need incessant reassurance of obedience to their orthodoxy.

The PC hysteria can be further intensified by instilling amongst the disciples the sense that everything bad in their lives is due to the barriers and opposition to the new religion provided by assorted bogeymen. Whether it is the BNP or an elderly Christian couple, every failure in their lives, every deficiency, every faux pas, every character flaw, every crime, every under achievement, every unsuccessful job application, every failed relationship, you name it, can be apportioned to those who stand in the way of "progress".

The whole swirling vortex of inadequacy, malleability and ultimate selfishness can be packaged in self-righteousness without the vast majority of the maelstrom even being aware of the grotesque manipulation and truly unbecoming spectacle. How uncomfortable it must be though, for those ultimately responsible for the synthesis of this false and thoroughly evil society, that there are still some of us that know exactly what they are up to. For the time being we'll pay the price for our pride and defiance, but your swindle can't last forever.