Monday, 22 October 2012


Going through European budget votes is inflicting long term damage to me, I'm convinced. The task is made particularly more mentally harmful by the European Parliament not providing you with most of the details you are supposed to be voting on.

I have just about held on to my sanity by keeping an image of Angus Young the AC/DC guitarist in my mind. Nothing to do with the gay row, it's to do with just how low those FA officials and managers would be prepared to sink in order not to upset the Kick it Out zealots.

Seeing grown men with infantile plastic badges on their lapels took me back to my school days. I just wonder if, to emphasise the re-educational aspect of the Kick it Out campaign, managers would also be prepared to dress in shorts, blazer, tie and cap in order to hammer home the message.

In 2012 Britain any debasement is possible and I honestly reckon most of them wouldn't dare to refuse in fear of offending the "anti-racist" lobby. Maybe the white players should be made to take to the field wearing a ball and chain as well just to make sure we all get the point.