Tuesday, 4 September 2012

TUC Congress 2012 - freedom of expression for export only

Mindful of the latest police capitulation to mob rule in Walthamstow I thought you might find this direct link to the TUC Congress taking place next Sunday in Brighton of interest. Tucked away at the end of motion 24, imaginatively entitled The continuing fight against racism, we discover this amendment from the Communication Workers Union:

“To this end, Congress calls upon the General Council 
to organise an inclusive national event, alongside 
campaigns such as One Society Many Cultures, UAF
etc. The event will aim to expose the far right and 
promote campaigns in defence of multi-culturalism 
and against the threats posed by racist organisations.”

One wonders how it can be that Congress can dedicate a considerable amount of time next week expressing "global solidarity" for those around the world denied "freedom of expression" whilst actually blatantly supporting intimidatory political violence at home.

Not that I'm suggesting it for one minute, but if thousands of patriots and nationalists descended on Brighton next weekend to protest, just how would events unfold?

1. Would the police kettle TUC delegates separating them from the speakers by some considerable distance?
2. Would officers then allow nationalist demonstrators to pelt the now vulnerable TUC hierarchy with bricks, bottles and other missiles with impunity?
3. Would the authorities then pull the power to the speaker system at Brighton Conference Centre?
4. Would TUC leaders be told that they had to leave as their safety was now in jeopardy?
5. Would the police mysteriously forget to hand the file detailing criminal offences of the nationalist demonstrators to the CPS as they did when the same mob attacked the BNP (myself included) at College Green, Westminster?

Somehow, I don't think such a scenario would come to pass and I find myself, tasked with exposing political hypocrisy and double standards in this country, with a seemingly increasingly easier task every day.