Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sunderland Echo & Northumbria police - fighting the bigots for a Sharia Wearside

There's almost a surreal flavour to the intensity of the anti-Nationalist sentiment concocted by the Sunderland Echo last night. Conspiring in partnership with the local police force to effectively lay the foundations for a Sharia Wearside you have to read the article twice to fully appreciate the infantile dogmatism of those responsible.

At a time when we are all being hammered with rising costs how comforting it is that we are paying the boys in blue so handsomely to oppress us into silence. Meanwhile "journalists" are on overtime desperately trying to dismiss opposition to the replacement of our culture and our people as some form of mental illness.

Such is the obscene and ridiculous nature of this multicultural propaganda, daring to equate opposition to ritual animal sacrifice with bigotry, I am mindful  once again of the comparison with early cigarette adverts. Watching the video below they look rather ridiculous now don't they?

Perhaps, just like the compensation gold rush generated by the mis-selling of PPI insurance, we can make future claims against the Sunderland Echo and the Northumbria Police.

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