Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nick Clegg cedes UK to Somalia in desperate bid for increased poll ratings

Pretty much an eerie media silence about the coordinated Muslim demonstrations across Britain over the weekend. There was the odd mention via the local news but events in Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland didn't get the kind of coverage you might expect. As for the demonstrators it would seem that they can amass at will without the inconvenience of police restrictions.

In Manchester, this video was captured yesterday amply  illustrating the above and where you will notice that the BNP gets one or two mentions. Observe the reaction of the police, or lack of it, and compare this to how they would respond should we wish to demonstrate in a busy city on a Saturday afternoon.

For those of an inquisitive nature, one might also ponder the likelihood and outcome of a pro-Christian demonstration in a major Pakistani city. Those Muslims complaining about being "second and third class citizens" in Manchester might want to explain how us non-Muslims are not allowed to set foot in Mecca let alone live there.

As I have said before, I don't actually blame the Islamic community for the looming conflict and unrest that gets closer by the day. The bottom line is, you can't point the finger at them for being deliberately used as a vector to replace the indigenous community and destabilise our country. In fact in their desire to enhance their quality of life I doubt whether they have even given the subject a second thought.

Who we should be blaming are the people that know exactly what they are doing and are being rewarded for their treachery. Even as the Islamic community was busy flexing its muscles on the streets of Britain, simultaneously non other than the Deputy Prime Minister was facilitating and justifying the further dismantling of our society.

According to Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton yesterday apparently the re-badging of Somalian athlete is a sufficient excuse to continue with the disfigurement and mutilation of our nation into a fledgling Islamic republic.

Just look at the qualities we displayed as a country this summer: unity; generosity; diversity; openness; community; fair play. Look at the heroes we celebrated: Jessica Ennis – a mixed race woman from Sheffield who conquered the world with grace and humility. What a role model she is. And Mo Farah – what a wonderful thing it says about us as a country that we have taken an immigrant called Mohammed to our hearts. At a press conference Mo Farah was asked whether he would have preferred to run for Somalia. He said ‘Listen mate, this is my country’. And in a single sentence every argument the BNP and the EDL have ever put forward was crushed. This is his country. This is all of our country.

Mr Clegg's words might actually have some substance if our society wasn't already so unstable that we were actually able to meaningfully put forward our arguments in the first place without being stigmatised, censored, ostracised, kettled, banned, and dragged before the courts. The irony of it all is, when we say "Listen mate, this is my country" Clegg is at the front of the queue to denounce us as racists.