Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Set them free

The Telegraph reports this morning on more anti-white racism in the game of football. I've provided you with two links should you wish to see for yourselves, but you'll probably be able to second guess the content complete with PFA boss and his customary slithering on his stomach.

You have to ask, in the interests of fighting racism why should black players be satisfied with just a blacks-only union? Why not a blacks-only league complete with black refs, mangers, officials and not a white face in the crowd? In fact why should black people have to suffer the racist indignity of living amongst white people at all?

Former Arsenal and England player Paul Davis calls on clubs to address lack of black faces in positions of authority

Exclusive: Gordon Taylor complains of 'tribalism' by clubs involved in racism controversies

"If the club is not seen to defend them when they’re in trouble they’ve got themselves into a difficult position.”

Taylor leads arguably the most inclusive and diverse management structure in all of sports administration: four management-committee members and four of its trustees are from black or minority-ethnic backgrounds has been caught up in the row.
Several senior black players feel let down by their union and there is even talk of setting up a rival organisation for the black and minority-ethnic players.

“Black players are looking at the numbers and the faces [on clubs’ coaching staff]. The talk is cheap. People are looking for faces and it is disillusioning. They are saying to me why are you asking me to take these qualifications, Paul? There’s nothing there at the end of it. It’s hard work to convince these guys to take it up.”

One in four players in English football is black, as were more than one in five of the most recent intake of players attending coaching courses. Yet in the 92 dugouts in the top-four tiers of the English game there are only three black managers.

I wonder if a whites-only players union decided to campaign against the under-representation of white players in English football what the response would be.