Monday, 16 July 2012

No room at the inn

Notice how the BBC reported the astronomical level of population increase revealed by the latest census in such a sanitised fashion. No mention of the outright lies about immigration control told to the British people by Labour and then the Conservatives. The only "opposition" spokesman being from the safety valve "Migrationwatch" organisation which has never attracted a single vote in its lifetime.

That 7% increase every ten years, mainly down to immigration, is going to look like this just in England & Wales over the next few years even if the rate remains the same. Further to this we all know that a certain element have taken it open themselves to use their wombs as weapons.

2021 60 million
2031 64 million
2041 69 million
2051 74 million
2061 79 million
2071 85 million
2081 90 million
2091 97 million
2101 104 million

Wonder if the sheep people will actually wake up and vote accordingly before there are so many people squashed up against one another it is physically impossible to make your way to the ballot box? However much the BBC try to dress it up these numbers are simply unsustainable and eventually the country will destabilise spectacularly.Unless of course the sheep people suddenly twig that all is not right on our road to enrichment and multicultural Utopia.