Friday, 13 July 2012

Multicultural Mafia 0 John Terry 1

Very pleased for John Terry this evening and particularly impressed with him giving the media the cold shoulder after being acquitted on witchcraft charges today. I don't suppose at the beginning of the season he was banking on a late fixture in Westminster but for once, leaving the defence to others, his team triumphed in what could have been a very tricky away tie.

As I predicted the politically-motivated FA put out a barbed comment indicating their displeasure at the verdict and hinting that they will proceed with their own internal witch-hunt. It doesn't seem to have dawned on them that they are in no position to undermine the authority of the Court and in fact should be apologising to Mr Terry forthwith.

In any case it just may be that the former England captain has a legal complaint for himself against  the FA, publicly stripping him of the England captaincy when he has now been proved to be innocent. Further to this, if the FA think they can proceed against the Chelsea star for his choice language then a certain individual from QPR will also have to be included in the net, so to speak.

What a shame it was that the day was blighted by the sight of Garth Crooks and Paul Elliot from the "Kick it Out" organisation so blatantly agitating for their own kind. I wonder if they understand what humility actually is or are they simply incapable of indulging in any activity that considers others, rather than instinctively beating their own ethnic drum. Thankfully as we saw in court this week, not all black people are so selfish.

One other piece of legal news is that the man convicted of blackmailing Nick was sentence to two and a half years in prison today.Passing sentence at Carlisle Crown Court, Judge Peter Hughes QC stated that David Sloan carried out a “carefully planned and deliberately executed course of intimidation”.