Saturday, 14 July 2012

Doppler & Quidco

At times like this I really envy those lucky people with a Doppler radar facility on their satnavs to track storms and rainfall. Not exactly a conversation stopper but for weather bores like myself , oh the fun I could have as I drive around the country.

There's nothing one can do though to avoid the inevitable encounter with the obligatory Big Issue beggar seemingly a prerequisite for every town in Britain nowadays. Most odd how a charity set up to represent Britain's homeless has transformed itself into the exclusive preserve of Romanian Gypsy women.

Since I am neither Romanian, a Gypsy or indeed female the lucrative territory of emotional parasitism is beyond my grasp. However, I did manage to make £0.65p this afternoon with my new Quidco app just for checking in online with various shops such as Boots and Mountain Warehouse.

Meanwhile on Monday Labour MP for Knowsley, George Howarth had this to say during a Commons debate on plans for an elected House of Lords:

As we know from the European elections, the partly closed, partly open regional list system hardly sets the world on fire. The turnout that those elections manage to attract is pitiful, and in my region, the north-west, there is the unintended consequence that members of the British National party end up getting elected.

Despite 26y years as an MP I have never heard of Mr Howarth, consequently his comments do dovetail rather nicely with this little remark by Matthew Engel to be found in the Financial Times:

I think I am reasonably clued up politically but offhand can only think of three British MEPs. There is that bloke from Ukip, the fat one from the British National Party and someone called Sharon Bowles, whose party is unknown to me, though she fires out press releases to me on a near-daily basis. Since I have never read one, for all I know she is the widow of a Nigerian dictator with an interesting financial proposition.