Saturday, 21 April 2012

Breaking News - BBC Question Time pull the plug on BNP's Carlos

Hot on the heels of  Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson trying to sabotage Monday's BBC Radio London debate because of BNP inclusion, the democratic situation in the UK now appears to be deteriorating very rapidly. As you can see from the above, the BBC is advertising to go ahead with a special mayoral debate in Romford this Thursday night. However, please examine these emails we received with regards an invitation to the BNP's London Mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia.

From: ******* ****** <*****************> To: "Simon.darby" <******************>

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 14:20:05 +0100
Subject: BBC Question Time
Thread-Topic: BBC Question Time

We would like to invite the BNP mayoral candidate, to take part in next week’s mayoral Question Time special, with Carlos sitting in the front row of the audience. We would plan to introduce him as a mayoral candidate, and bring him into the discussion at some point.

******* ******
******* ******

BBC Question Time
227 Ingram Street, Glasgow
G1 1DA

From: ****** ****** [mailto:*****************
Sent: 19 April 2012 16:09
To: ********
Cc: Simon Darby
Subject: Question Time

Dear Carlos

The BBC has decided to no longer do a mayoral special next Thursday and instead just do a normal Question Time. The thinking is that the mayoral debates have been dominated by local issues and Question Time is a national programme.

I’m really sorry about the inconvenience.

Best wishes,

******* ******
BBC Question Time
227 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DA

So what's going on at the BBC? Are they still going ahead with the mayoral debate and are simply telling lies or more likely, has one of the "mainstream" candidates pulled out because of the involvement of Carlos and the BNP? In which case, one has to ask, why has Carlos not been moved to the top table to take their place?

Remember the BBC, who we fund via our TV licences, are duty bound via their charter, to be politically impartial and balanced, especially so during an electoral period. It is not for them or people like Livingstone and Johnson to decide what arguments the British people can and cannot hear.If Johnson and Livingstone don't have the ability to uphold basic standards of integrity and fair play in this election they should both be disqualified.

The Establishment seems to think that if they project as much bias, hate and dirty tricks against the British National Party and our candidates we'll just go away. They are running scared of us and the public are beginning to ask why.